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Computer Career Studies

Teacher: Cliff Blumenthal
Computer Career Studies is designed to introduce students to careers in computer repair and computer programming.  Careers could include jobs like hardware field engineer, technical support analyst, software developer, or systems analyst.  In addition, this course will serve as an introduction to the more advanced computer courses offered at the high school and in college.
The first part of the course will focus on how a computer works.  Students will disassemble, diagnose, and repair computers.  They will learn about basic electronics and will create actual electronic circuits.  Finally, students will learn about networks and how computers share information and resources.
The second part of the course will focus on programming (coding).  After an introduction to computer operating systems and file structure, students will learn the basic concepts of a program and generic programming skills.  Students will learn to program a TI-83 graphing calculator and then be introduced to JavaScript which will enable them to create a program on a computer.