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Digital Media Design

Teacher:  Barbara Shaffer

Facebook®, Twitter®, blog, glog, QR codes, Skype®, podcasts, social networking, Apps, smart phones, iPads, iPods – it’s enough to make a person’s head spin!  This class is designed to help students learn how to effectively and safely make use of digital media while making the connection to future careers.

This class will investigate the role of social networking in communicating and transferring ideas and information – the advantages as well as potential pitfalls and safety issues.  Students will embark on a digital journey to learn how to make use of the various apps and productivity tools that exist on smart phones, iPads, iPods, GPS devices, and eReaders.  In addition, students will use Microsoft Office, Google Sites, Adobe In-Design Creative Suites, Google Earth and other Web 2.0 tools to create various business documents, presentations, web sites, and audio-video productions.