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Forensic Science

Teacher:  Denise Nolan

Is it a challenge for you to wait from week to week for the next episode of CSI, NCIS, or Bones?  Do you wonder what it would be like to be Abby on NCIS or Lt. Cane on CSI Miami?  Do you know what is really true on forensic TV shows and what is false?  You’ll get answers in this course.  Themes of study are in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, pathology, anthropology, and odontology.

Students may explore trace and impression evidence, DNA, fingerprints, forensic handwriting, ink chromatography, skeletal structure, questioned documents, crash reconstruction, and other topics.  Past guest speakers have included local and visiting experts from the FBI, ATF, Secret Service, US Marshalls, the sheriff’s office, state troopers, Homeland Security, forensic nurses, Blue Ridge Regional Crash Team, and experts in fingerprinting, handwriting analysis, and toxicology. Students will be required to maintain a lab book.