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Medical Science

Teacher:  Alisa Goodwin
The Health and Human Services Module is designed to introduce students to careers such as emergency medical services, genetics, psychology, holistic medicine, nutrition, and personal fitness training.  Students will become certified in Adult CPR through the American Red Cross.
Students will make the connection between diet and disease, create a fitness program based on scientific research, use biofeedback techniques to manage stress levels, and use technology and math that will prepare them for the challenge of working in a globally geared environment.  Topics of discussion include but are not limited to poverty, malnutrition, environmental instability, discrimination, human rights, access to healthcare, citizenship, and preventable disease. 
Throughout the course, we strive to build student strengths in communication, collaboration, leadership, and initiative.  Activities and projects challenge them to take part in teaching fellow classmates using Virginia Board of Education standards, present work in a professional manner, and show initiative in building a positive and productive environment.