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Legal Studies and Criminal Justice

Teacher:  Cathy Huffman
Can students say what they want at school?  Wear what they want?  Is a search warrant needed to open a locker?  In this class, students learn about the third branch of government - the judiciary - and its impact on students through class discussions, role plays, and participating in a mock trial. Students use a composite software program to draw a classmate as well as the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite.
By hosting guest speakers, students can ask questions of experts in a variety of law-related professions.  Previous speakers include the Blue Ridge Regional Crash Team (crash reconstruction), Judge William Alexander, lawyers, a bailiff, a court reporter, a probation officer, a law professor, local law enforcement officers, a FBI agent, a forensic nurse, a forensic chemist, a questioned document examiner, and a toxicologist. 
Students leave this class with a better understanding of the rights and obligations of citizenship at local, state, federal, and global levels.