Guidance Counselor:  Diane Shively

The mission of Guidance Services is to provide a comprehensive and developmental guidance and counseling program that promotes resilience and excellence in education.  The program assists students to develop into confident, independent, and productive members of the wider community.

Another paramount duty of the guidance counselor is to make sure that students are safe and that their physical and emotional needs are being met.  Guidance services include:  SOL testing coordination, Virginia Wizard coordination, student scheduling, rising 8th grade registration, and 504 coordination.
Ms. Diane Shively

The goals of guidance services are to:
  • Help students develop the ability to make carefully considered decisions in personal, social, career, and educational matters; 

  • Support parents in developing the understanding and skills necessary to help their children with educational and career choices; 

  • Assist students and parents to widen their range of choices in career and educational alternatives; 

  • Help students, parents, teachers, and administrators to deal with problems within the classroom and the wider school environment; 

  • Assist students to strengthen their self-perception so they may better recognize their need for appropriate counseling services, while in school or later in life; and, 

  • Provide sound clinical practices to serve the mental health needs of the school community.