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Character Counts

    The Character Counts pledge is recited at the beginning of each school day to encourage students, faculty, and staff to make good and right decisions with regard to their personal behavior.
The Pledge:  We the students, faculty, and staff at The Gereau Center will be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring, and good citizens.  We will uphold and abide by these six pillars of good character throughout the school day.
Trustworthy:  be honest; have the courage to do the right thing
Respect:  treat others with respect; be tolerant and accepting of others
Responsibility:  do what you are supposed to do; always do your best
Fairness:  play by the rules; treat all people fairly
Caring:  be kind and compassionate; help those in need; forgive others
Citizenship:  do your share to make your school and community better