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Student Assistance Specialists

Student Assistance Specialist: Marissa Parker, BFMS - West Hall

Attendance Requirements

According to the law in the state of Virginia, all children must attend school. The law also requires that public schools in Virginia track student attendance and account for each student absence. Therefore, the Franklin County School Board has established the following attendance policy which supports the compulsory school attendance law.

Elementary/Middle School Attendance Policy

Franklin County School Board policy states that any student who has more than twenty (20) absences will not be promoted to the next grade. The school will consider granting exceptions on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of a student’s absence.

All out-of-school suspensions will be counted as absences against the twenty-day limit.

Parents should notify the school with the reason for every student absence. A phone call the day of the absence is required. On the day a student returns, a note to the school is also required.

The student is responsible for making up missed work due to an absence. Each student must ask his/her teachers for any assistance in making up work.

Please note: Repeatedly checking in late or leaving early from school affects student achievement as much as poor school attendance. Five late check-ins and/or early check-outs will be considered the equivalent of one day’s absence. Students who are tardy or have early dismissal for five (5) days cannot be considered for perfect attendance. The Code of Virginia (22.5-258) states that whenever any pupil fails to report to school a total of five days, one or more of the following interventions may be initiated. These interventions are intended to prevent a student from reaching the 20-day limit and include the following:

  1. Telephone calls to parents/guardians
  2. Letters to parents/guardians addressing student attendance
  3. Parent/School Conference
  4. Home Visits
  5. Referral to the Franklin County Truancy Response Team (TRT)

The Truancy Response Team (TRT) is a group of school personnel and other professionals from community agencies who meet to discuss and recommend resources, options, and opportunities to help children stay in school and be successful. Another function of the TRT is to make referrals to Franklin County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court which will, in turn, notify Children in Need of Supervision (CHINS) and/or issue a warrant against the parent(s) for failure to send the child to school.

The Truancy Response Team will consider the following as excused absences:

  1. Personal illness with a signed doctor’s excuse
  2. Death in the immediate family (mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather)
  3. Subpoenaed court appearance

Steps for Readmission Following an Absence

  1. The student must get a pass to go to the guidance office for readmission. The student must present to the guidance counselor a written excuse which clearly states the reason for the absence. If the school has received no message or written excuse from the parent explaining the reason for the absence, the student will be given a letter to take home indicating that a telephone call or written excuse is required for the attendance record. 
  2. The student will be asked to sign a receipt for the letter acknowledging notification of the policy and assuming responsibility for delivering the letter. 
  3. The student will receive an admission pass to go to first period. If student who has been absent from school the previous day arrives at first period without an admission pass, he/she will be sent immediately to the guidance office.