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2014-2015 Supply List & Student Dress Code





For Applied Technology & Career Exploration

150 Technology Drive

Rocky Mount, VA 24151

 Matthew Brain, Principal



This is a list of supplies that you will need for your core classes at The Gereau Center. You may need other supplies for your modules and electives.  Those teachers will specify your needs in those classes on the first day of school.

    • 1-Three ring binder
    • Blue or black pens
    • Dictionary for home use
    • Dividers for the binder
    • Highlighter
    • #2 pencils
    • Pencil pouch to carry supplies
    • Ruled index cards


        Student lockers at The Gereau Center are very small. For this reason, it is suggested that students carry a binder rather than a backpack-type book bag. This will provide students with storage area in their lockers for other items such as lunch bags and coats.



        Please see the information below regarding the dress code.  This should help you as you buy clothing for the start of school.


        DRESS CODE

        All students are expected to dress appropriately for a K-12 educational environment. Any clothing that interferes with or disrupts the educational environment is unacceptable.

          1. The following clothing with messages may not be worn:

                    a. clothing with words or pictures that are obscene, vulgar, or sexually explicit and/or suggestive clothing that conveys a message that is confrontational, insulting, offensive, or “puts down” others;

                    b. clothing that promotes gang-related activities (such as insignias, bandanas, colored clothing worn for the purpose of gang identification, etc.);
                    c. clothing whose primary message is to promote alcohol, tobacco, and drugs;
                    d. clothing carrying profane, sexually suggestive, or violent messages (such as slogans, symbols, pictures, etc.);

         2. Clothing torn or with openings above the knee that exposes undergarments and/or reveals skin inappropriately may not be worn.

         3. Unnecessary/disruptive outerwear (coat, etc.) which is not in accordance with the weather such as:                      

                    a. long or bulky jackets worn in the classroom anytime;

                    b. long or bulky jackets worn outside the classroom, but inappropriate due to climate conditions. 


        4. The following items of clothing must meet the stated criteria:

                    a. Pants are to be worn at the waist, and are not to drag the ground, causing a safety concern, and are not to be extremely tight and revealing. Pants with straps or suspenders must be accompanied by a top meeting the dress code. The crotch of pants should not sag to the knees. The waistband of the pants should not be rolled down.

                    b. Shorts/skirts/dresses (hems/slits) may not be more than three inches above the top of the knee while standing, as measured by a 3x5 index card.

                                1) no shorts/skirts/dresses which are extremely tight and revealing;

                                2) no brief shorts

                    c. Shirts/tops/blouses, etc. must meet the following criteria:

                                1) Shirt/top must touch pants/skirt top without being stretched by the hand.  No skin or undergarments may show between top and bottom of garments at any time.

                                2) Straps of tops must cover up required undergarment straps.
                                3) No tube tops are allowed.
                                4) All shirts worn by males must have sleeves to the end of shoulders
                                5) All shirts worn by females must have sleeves to the end of shoulders and show no cleavage or any part of the breasts.
                                6) Tops must have backs, straps, and appropriate undergarments. Backs must be entirely covered.
                                7) Clothing must be thick enough to not show skin or required undergarments and must not be excessively tight and revealing.

                    d. Chains/jewelry

                                1) No long chains (i.e., pants, book bags, etc.)

                                2) No jewelry or cosmetic accessories that can reasonably be used as a weapon (i.e., spiked rings, etc.)

                    e. Headcoverings/hats

                                1) Grades K-8 and The Gereau Center: no hats worn inside buildings

                                2) Grades 9-12: no hats worn inside classrooms, offices, assemblies, etc.

                    f. Shoes

                                1) Shoestrings must be tied so as not to cause a safety hazard.

                                2) Shoes deemed unsafe shall be handled on an individual basis.

                                3) No bedroom slippers.